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Content Marketing Software Ecosystem | TeamworksCom

Why Content Marketing software isn’t enough.

A brutal economic downturn, the dawn of social media and a proliferation of software providers became the catalyst for the transformation of marketing in today’s post advertising age. In the new world order of owned, earned and old-school paid media, the result is Content Marketing is today’s preferred method to generate leads, nurture opportunities and […]

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NSP Leadership Exchange Campaign | TeamworksCom

How integrated online marketing and an exclusive event turned into revenue.

Executives today need better avenues to exchange ideas, share approaches and gain perspectives with peers at other organizations and in other industries so that they can both learn and lead more effectively. More and more companies are recognizing that an organization’s culture can often create an “echo chamber” which can stultify growth, diminish innovation and […]

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What to ask before you create any content.

What to ask before you create any content

Ahhhh, the never ending challenge of creating content. If you’ve signed up for this, for yourself or for your clients, you know the drill for Content Marketing. Strategy, plan, research, interview, execute, design, produce, optimize, publish and distribute—over and over again. No big deal. Just about anyone can do it, right? Things get a bit […]

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Benefits of Marketing Automation

What difference can marketing automation make?

Oh, the glamour of being a passionate, busy executive managing a professional services firm. Between running your business, satisfying the demands of clients, managing and recruiting staff and prospecting for new revenue, the list of “to dos” never gets shorter. For those pursuing this endeavor, the one dimension of your business that’s easiest to avoid […]

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What content should you create?

What content should you create?

In case you weren’t sure, the novelty’s over and Content Marketing is no longer new. In CMI’s recent B2B Content Marketing Research report, their findings revealed that 78 percent of marketers are allocating the same or an increased budget for content marketing in the upcoming year. The reasons are clear: it works better, cost less […]

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