Changed marketing.

A long time ago, Content Marketing was a new “thing”.

In the early days, I attended the conferences and listen to the emerging Content Marketing leaders like Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi, Brian Halligan, Mark Schaefer, Bill Flitter, Robert Rose, Lee Oden, and Rand Fishkin. I read the books from Paul Roetzer, Jay Bayer, Arnie Kuenn and many others.

I subscribed to the content from gurus including: Barry Feldman, Heidi Cohen, Brian Clark, Brian Solis, Gini Dietrich, Pawan Deshpande, John McTigue and many more. We’ve embraced, experimented, and evaluated many dozens of tools and solutions to get and stay up to speed. And we’ve continued to do our best to bring all of this together in real-time with a passion to help our customers succeed.

Time out and a look back.

The days of just pontificating about the value of Content Marketing have long passed. And as CMI reports, virtually every business or brand is involved in Content Marketing in one way or another. Yet, somewhere along the way to today, the infatuation with the tools, platforms or process often eclipsed what was actually created, distributed or measured.

Today, it’s harder than ever to get attention. It has to be earned. And that’s only going to happen by delivering the most impactful education and information that your customers could ever ask for. “Good enough” just isn’t enough anymore. Especially over the long term.

As Mark Schaefer shared at an event, “The dirty little secret of content marketing is that you don’t have to be the best teacher to succeed.” At this point, that’s a quaint memory worth forgetting.

For those who’ve embraced “the new marketing” or are considering a late entry, it’s time to put aside the platforms, process, parts, posts, pundits, personas, publishing, and performance.

This informative infographic captures some of what we’ve experienced, consider and think about every day in this always interesting, forever changing and sometimes overwhelming online marketing environment.

100 Things You Need to Know About Content Marketing | TeamworksCom

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6 thoughts on “100 Things you need to to know about Content Marketing.

  1. Impressive! This is so good, I’m exhausted. Great list you’ve complied and all worthy points. In particular, I’m a fan of #18. It is a constant battle for me. ;).

  2. Thanks Martha for your comment. As you observed, this list took more than a few drafts. And believe it or not, there were a few more gems that were thrown overboard in order to fit the rest in a 100 container size.

    #18 is a whole post in itself.

    You’re more than qualified to give it a go. I look forward to seeing your result. 🙂

  3. Wonderful list and great to have to share with my extended marketing team!

  4. Many thanks Marcia! Hope they find it valuable too.

  5. #8 & #17 go hand in glove.

    Few give #20 a chance.

    #42. Nailed it.

    So many people do not realize the truth of #48 & #51.

    I live #70.

    #88. Do not get me started.

    I’ve lived #91. It sucks.

    #100. I kinda want to . . .

    Excellent list.

  6. Thanks Eric for your comments.

    I couldn’t agree more with your views on # 48 + #51.

    No compelling brand story, no reason to stick around OR ever come back.

    As for #88, well, that’s another story.

    Best to you!

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