Corocoran Leadership | Case Study

Corcoran Leadership | Case Study

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Corcoran Leadership is a Bay Area leadership development organization specializing in leadership coaching + consulting services. They help senior executive leaders facing high-stakes challenges achieve their goals and improve their fulfillment through an experienced approach that’s pragmatic and laser focused to deliver a measurable outcome.

They turned to us to help them define + develop their value and messaging, launch their public facing brand online, and build an engaged community of leaders. Our content marketing program and comprehensive and integrated approach continues to differentiate them in a crowded, competitive Bay Area environment of other resources offering similar services.


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Heather Corcoran | Corcoran Leadership

“What sets TeamworksCom apart is how they bring strategy, content, creativity, technology and ROI together. They guided us through a structured approach to help us define and clarify our value in a way that was simple, clear and unique to us. Next, they developed an elegant brand identity and mobile-optimized website that presented our value in a way that was authentic and inspiringly different from our competitors. Now that we are focused on acquiring new prospects and sustaining relationships with existing customers, we’re realizing the benefits of their strategic content, marketing automation platform and integrated campaigns every quarter. Our partnership with them has been essential to our success.”

Heather Corcoran, Founder | Corcoran Leadership


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