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Google Search Appliance | Case Study

Google Search Appliance | Case Study

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Workers in today’s enterprise face high levels of pain and frustration just trying to find the content they need to do their work. Recent studies indicate that these workers waste up to 25% of their time searching for lost content. Anyone who uses a company computer knows first hand that it’s easier to find World Series baseball scores on the Internet than it is to find their Q3 sales presentation on the in-house server.

Google was attempting to expand their leadership in Internet search into the enterprise with a family of “behind the firewall” search appliances that delivered all the fast, accurate search results that Google was universally known for. They turned to us to help them define, develop and launch an integrated marketing campaign to help attract and educate enterprise prospects about this new solution that extended Google’s brand strengths and helped prospects easily find all the content they were missing.


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David Bercovich | Google

“TeamworksCom was able to quickly assess and absorb both the distinctive personality of our brand and how to present the unique value of our search appliance family to a new and important market for us. The integrated campaign they developed for us not only delivered leads and sales but also helped reinforce the very positive perception prospects have about our brand.”

David Bercovich, Enterprise Group Product Marketing Manager | Google


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