Executives today need better avenues to exchange ideas, share approaches and gain perspectives with peers at other organizations and in other industries. More and more companies are recognizing that an organization’s culture can often create an “echo chamber” which can stultify growth, diminish innovation and reduce effective problem-solving.

Within the fast-paced business environment that leaders work in today, they have limited time and energy to sift through books or online media, network outside their industry or attend multi-day, narrow-focused conferences. They just want to know what’s working in the real world for organizations like their own—right now.

An exclusive event tailored to Bay Area leaders.

Our client, Next Step Partners, recently launched a new program called Leadership Exchange to address some of these challenges.

Leadership Exchange offers an exclusive group of Bay Area leaders an opportunity to tap their peers for perspectives and strategies on current and emerging business challenges in an exclusive, intimate, confidential, and non-competitive environment. The goal is to foster sharing, growth, and networking.

NSP Leadership Exchange | TeamworksCom

Attract. Brand. Convert. Measure. Repeat.

TeamworksCom developed an integrated online strategy and communications campaign to brand these events and recruit attendees to them. We also developed a graphic identity for Leadership Exchange and all of the messaging and content materials presented by Next Step Partners at each event which included:

  • | Targeted email
  • | Online registration + tracking
  • | Event + featured speaker website details
  • | Event handout materials
  • | Speaker content
  • | Post event survey
  • | Follow up + nurturing outreach
  • | Continuous campaign analytics

The campaign was integrated into our marketing automation and analytics platform to measure the interaction and performance of each component in it.

Leadership Exchange Integrated Online Campaign | TeamworksCom
Leadership Exchange Integrated Online Campaign | TeamworksCom

Insights to help leaders succeed.

The most recent Leadership Exchange event featured Harvard professor, Lisa Leahy who is also the author of the best-selling book, Immunity to Change. Top Bay area companies attended including The Packard Foundation, Apple, Google, DropBox, Chevron, Genentech, Stanford, BlackRock, UC Berkeley, Clorox and many more.

Lisa Leahy | NSP Leadership Exchange

At Leadership Exchange, Lisa shared her insights in an afternoon presentation on how leaders often have an internal barrier that prevents them from achieving their leadership goals. Attendees also participated in exercises and focused conversations with peers from other companies about strategies and techniques to address lasting personal change.

As a result, Leadership Exchange participants were able to bring back new concepts, perspectives, and leadership skills that they were exposed to upon returning to their own organization.

Exclusive event turned into revenue.

The highly anticipated event delivered a number of benefits including:

  • | Registrations + response exceeded expectations by 3X
  • | Highly-qualified new business opportunities led to new revenue
  • | Enhanced visibility in the Leadership Development services category
  • | Fostered credibility with existing clients + new prospects

The high-touch qualities of an exclusive event coupled with tailored messaging, a memorable graphic identity, and an integrated online communications campaign have proven to be a successful approach that produced the outcome NSP was looking for—new opportunities + revenue.

Are you ready to succeed?

To learn more about TeamworksCom and how they approach integrated online + content marketing, branding and web site solutions, contact them online. Or just call 415.789.5830. We look forward to hearing from you.


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