So how’s it going with your web site or blog?

Are you getting lots of traction? Are you garnering tons of site visitors and subscribers? Are you converting lots of customers with awesome landing pages and A/B offers that are testing customer engagement with special incentives?

Or have you hit a plateau in your attempt to become a “continual publisher of content” that your prospects and customers find relevant, interesting and valuable?

More competition for attention than ever before

There’s never been more competition, noise, and distraction than there is on the web today. And guess what, the volume’s not going to get turned down any time soon. In fact, it’s going to get a lot louder, a lot noisier and even more competitive.

As IBM recently reported, the amount of data created in the last 2 years on the web surpassed all the data combined in all of the previous years! Think about that for a moment.

60 Seconds of Content everyday

So what can you do to ensure that your content is found, seen, read and shared by others? Every little thing that you can, every minute that you have. Seriously, it’s that intense. Because today, only the prolific, persistent and pertinent will prosper in an environment like this.

Tips to deal with overload

A simple list of tips or techniques for one blog tactic or another may not move the needle to where you would like it to be in terms of more leads, new customers, and increased revenue. And if you stare at these number long enough, it becomes evident that you have to get serious and organized to succeed.

More than ever, anyone writing a blog or attempting to enhance the opportunity for prospects to find their value should know what they’re up against. So consider sharpening your online strategy with every best practice that you can including these:

Is your content getting the reach and visibility you expect?

Are you intimated by these numbers? Or debilitated?
Share your thoughts on how you’re succeeding in today’s amazingly cluttered, noisy and continually changing online market. We value your insights and experience.

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