24 tips to make your blog a success.

Tips to make your blog a success

If you have a business, and it’s not apparently clear to you by now, you’re going to need a high quality blog to market your product or service on the Internet today. So, it you’ve started a blog or you’re considering creating one soon, you’re going to have to deal with the continuous challenge of getting people to read it.

More importantly, now that every business is also in the “continual content creation business” to be visible on the Internet, you’ll have to considered the implications of this new business requirement.

Self-publishing barriers removed.

The barriers to entry for self-publishing get lower with each passing day. And to get people to find your value through a successful blog, you’ll have to do a lot of things right. Fortunately, consultant, coach, mentor and speaker, Jeff Bullas, compiled a rather long list of tips to make a successful blog. I’ve edited the list below to focus on the activities and best practices that I’ve found to be most useful.

  1. Write about customers successes – Write up a case study about a clients successful project, they will often let you publish their name.
  2. Video interview successful people in your industry.
  3. When you have a great idea, go straight to your “add new” button and write the headline and save it as a draft or write it down before you forget it. (Use the notes feature on your SmartPhone to catch those moments of inspired thought.)
  4. Write in bite size chunks and use bullet points so readers can quickly and easy consumption.
  5. Be yourself even if it is a company blog—be authentic.
  6. Promote and distribute your posts on to other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  7. Comment on other blogs and news articles to show your thinking/expertise, but also link people back to your blog.
  8. When people write a comment actually take the time to email them directly and thank them for the comment and if they ask a question, then answer it. You will find that this will create a WOW factor and spread the word about the blog.
  9. Write a blog post listing some important bloggers in your industry (such as the top 5) and point out how they make their blogs successful and you might find they return the love!
  10. Interlink to other posts in your blog when writing a post especially those that are relevant and have been successful (this is great for SEO!)
  11. Keep most blogs short with no more than 400-500 words as most people don’t have much time and will be only spending a minute or two on your blog.
  12. On your email subscriber form don’t ask people for their life history keep it short and only ask for name and email address.
  13. Get the latest information and ideas by creating alerts using Google Alerts on your favorite topics. When you do, any new content on the Web that fits that phrase will be fed to you by Google, either as it happens or daily.
  14. Bundle up the best blog posts about about your niche and turn it into a PDF book. You could sell it!
  15. Take the content, expertise and network contacts that you have developed from your blog and produce a Webinar.
  16. Join as many Facebook active Facebook fan pages or groups relating to your blog topic as possible.
  17. Monitor your brand with Google Alerts or Tweetdeck so that you can thank people that publish your content and protect your brand from misconceptions.
  18. “Persist” and don’t give up and your blogging journey may surprise you!
  19. Consider having more perennial or evergreen content on your blog that doesn’t date and is timeless. The latest news posts are still useful but can quickly become out of date.
  20. Write blog posts that answer the problems that your readers and viewers have in your industry niche.
  21. Find your writing voice. This is the type and style of writing that suits you and is you. It might be idiosyncratic and you may get critics but it will be authentic and if you write and blog that is what you need to be”Real”
  22. Make it easy for people to view your blog on a mobile phone as more people are read from smart phones that are connected to the internet. There are simple plugins for WordPress that enable you to do this. The trend of mobile viewers will continue to rise.
  23. Install Google analytics because this will provide essential insight to the things that you can fine tune and improve.
  24. Learn how to write awesome headlines for your blog articles. It’s been reported that up to 50% of all tweets that are re-tweeted are due to the headline only!

What else?

Have you found other techniques or tips that have improved the success of your blog? Share them or send an email. We’ll add it to our list.

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