12 marketing principles for the new world orderIf it’s not obvious by now, we’re in an environment of utter turmoil and revolution.

Think victory at sea with waves and wind chop creating massive swells with peaks and troughs of ominous proportions. Think Bethlehem steelworkers in the ’70s. Typesetters in the 80’s. Travel Agents in the 90’s. GM/Chrysler UAW workers today. Upheaval is the order of the day.

The far and wide impact of the Internet on marketing

In an environment where business and marketing complexity is rising, expectations for measurable ROI are accelerating and compensation for services is on the exact opposite trajectory. The result is providers of marketing communications services need to address the economic reality of the day: The more you invest in technology, and the more you learn, the less you make.

12 guiding principles for the new world order of marketing

As these interesting, pressing and unresolved trends continue to unfold, I offer these 12 guiding principles of marketing for the new world order.

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  1. | TV has been replaced at the front end of the sales funnel (for generating brand awareness through broad reach) by the browser search box.
  2. | High volume yelling with maximum frequency has been dismissed by a transparent, respectful and engaging conversation.
  3. | It’s not about finding your target. It’s about them finding your value.
  4. | Adwords have been replaced by your words on Twitter.
  5. | Your campaign flight has been eclipsed by a 24/7 opportunity to build your brand.
  6. | The episodic event of market research has been replaced by all day, everyday insight on your customer.
  7. | If it doesn’t register on the dashboard, it didn’t register with anyone else.
  8. | Turns out, it really is all about you.
  9. | If you don’t engage your suspects, prospects, and customers with meaningful or relevant content, your brand value is diminished.
  10. | Navigating the growing complexity with efficiency and simplicity enables success.
  11. | Open, pervasive platforms are the starting point to add your value.
  12. | Every impression matters in every cross integrated media—make sure each one adds value to your brand.

Are you having fun?

What impact has the internet made on your organization? Share your excitement or pain.

4 thoughts on “12 guiding marketing principles for the new world order.

  1. Paul,

    Excellent post! I agree that the dynamics are changing and I believe that while much of what you talk about is on the front-end of the transitionary wave, it will be mainstream before we know it. Those who recognize these changes will survive. Those who don’t will struggle. The reason this is changing so quickly is that we have a whole new generation who is growing up with these tools as part of their psyche rather than a bolt-on to their day (as is the case with anyone who is over 30). The younger generation has been raised on cell-phones, texting, instant messaging and now Twitter. This is how they acquire and assimilate information. For the rest of us, it is a conscious effort.

    Nice work… I will Tweet your post on my feed.

    As a cross-reference, I have similar articles on my blog (www.KJLBLog.com): http://adjix.com/cxf9

    Regards, Kevin

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the feedback.
    The changes you share are unfolding with incredible velocity and are being defined and modified by the hour. I appreciate your voice of support in attempting to absorb, parse and reflect on the new world order.

    Engagement, exploration and evaluation is the only viable strategy that I can see that will uncover the real value of these methods, media and connections in this evolutionary and chaotic time.

    Have a great MD holiday!


  3. I agree with your points, Paul. I have posted some marketing rules on my blog that are in the same vein:


    I’ll tweet on your post.

  4. Thanks Aliyah for the tweet!

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