New Voice of Business | NVOB, a non-profit policy change advocacy group located in San Francisco, was founded on a simple and timely idea—make it easier and more profitable for a business to operate sustainably.

Their mission is to inform, engage, and mobilize an influential network of business people—a unified, new voice of business—to advocate for a sustainable economy and encourage best practices that align the priorities of the planet, people and profits.

Their sustained efforts have helped to pass major energy initiatives in California including the largest state carbon reduction plan in US history. And they are now focused on similar advances for national policy.


Outreach campaign for sustainability support.

To help them promote visibility for their organization and recruit new supporting members, NVOB engaged our services to develop and produce a campaign of posters for use at key events and presentations on climate change, energy sustainability and the business role in affecting positive change for future prosperity.

David Brodwin, President of NVOB, had this to say about the campaign:

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“The recruitment posters that TeamworksCom created for us captured the essence of our focused message in a way that was both memorable and compelling.

We especially appreciated their ability to quickly grasp the value that our organization offers to our diverse, professional members and how they were able to bring it to life to help us grow our membership and affect the change we need.”

We look forward to assisting NVOB with future outreach efforts to help them spread their timely message to the most influential people who can help make positive change happen—American business leaders.

Ready to express your value?

To learn more about how we can help you with your marketing initiative, just contact Paul Pruneau at TeamworksCom.

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