Online marketing certainly gives people in business lots of choice on how to reach, attract, connect with and convert new customers.

But if you’re running a business, today’s new requirement of being both a publisher and a media company to accomplish all of that can be a bit more than many realize.

Between blogging, email marketing, your website, promotions, and customer service, simplification is no longer an option to just to keep up. When you add the continually changing social media platforms and options to the mix, many time-challenged professionals simply throw up their hands in frustration.

Challenge of Social Media Posts
Posting on Social Media is not a one-size-fits-all effort | Rob Cottingham

A picture of social media post success.

Before you give up on how social media can help further your objectives, we offer this quick-reference, visual guide on how to create social media posts the right way.

And once you’ve done that, this handy tool goes further to outline when to distribute your post content so that more people will see the value of your effort and hopefully engage with it and share it.

Picture perfect social media posts

The rewards of posting patience and persistence.

Make no mistake, writing, posting and self-publishing is no piece of cake. With so many free social tools and platforms to evaluate or take advantage of, publishing consistency and content quality are essential for even modest success.

Online marketing today is the long game. Forget the short investment for a quick pop, hit or spike. Focus instead on the rhythm of frequency and well-crafted content construction for the long term rewards of increased engagement, more website traffic, and improved conversions. Those coveted rewards will be there for the patient and persistent.

What’s working for you?

What are you doing to reduce or minimize your time investment in social media and online marketing? Your thoughts or comments are appreciated.

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