If you’re using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy, you should be measuring and analyzing how many clicks your tweets are actually getting.

It’s well known that Twitter is an awesome tool to engage with prospects and followers, improve site traffic, and increase your brand awareness.

Especially if you’re using a structured approach to your tweets and including occasional links back to valuable content on your site.

The science of effective Tweets.

In order to find the most effective way to use Twitter for your brand building efforts, it makes sense to test and refine a few techniques until you find a methodology that delivers the results you’re looking for. The great Infographic below, developed by Dan Zarrella, Inbound marketing scientist at Hubspot, is a great place to start when thinking about how to structure a few tests to increase the effectiveness of Twitter.

Dan has done some serious research to provide real-world data with actionable tips that are worth considering. He uses the CLICK THRU RATE | CTR as the most important metric to pay attention to. And the formula he uses to find that important number is here:

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Number of Twitter Clicks / Number of followers = your CTR

Once you determine that number, you can use it as a baseline for how to improve your performance from there. Based on Dan’s research, the following list summarizes a few valuable tactics that you can integrate into your daily Twitter activity to uncover how you can get more clicks on your Tweets:

  1. | Write less and don’t use all 140 characters
  2. | Place links near the middle of the Tweet
  3. | Use action oriented verbs
  4. | Reduce the frequency of your links
  5. | Tweet later in the day
  6. | Don’t take the weekend off

Creating great content for your prospects and customers is today’s requirement for every business. And sharing it on Twitter has become one of the best broadcast methods to increase your reach and distribute your content’s value.

Consider some of these simple and effective tactics and measure them against your CTR baseline to see how they can improve your results.

How to get more clicks on your Tweets

What’s been clicking with you?

We’d love to hear about your experience and which tactics you apply to your tests to get more clicks. Please share them and let us know what works best for you.

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