As Content Marketing has rapidly emerged as one of the most utilized marketing disciplines today, it’s become apparent that the content on your site or blog is now your best asset to help people find your value on the web. So why not squeeze more value out of it?

Permanent assets that deliver long-term value

Before we begin, it’s appropriate to target and define the right kind of content: Evergreen Content.

Simply stated, this is content on your site or blog that remains relevant and valuable for a long period of time. It’s not data specific or tied to an announcement, release or event. And the goal of evergreen content is to keep bringing in site visitors based on high performing keywords and good SEO practices.

So, if you’ve had the foresight, talent, and platform (like WordPress) to create this type of content, and have done the analytics to determine which content is evergreen, the time has come to make that content work even harder. Below are a few ideas worth considering on how to leverage this great asset and boost your lead generation activities.

Get on it and get current

If you’ve written a popular blog post, and it was well received with good visibility, traction, and social shares when you first deployed it, it makes sense to update it with a few new details that help it to remain current and relevant.

Remember, not everyone that you would like to see it has had the opportunity to see it yet. And really good content may warrant another look because of a few key updates that you can easily add.

And once your content is updated, it might be a good idea to update your CALL-TO-ACTION too. You may want your readers to take a slightly different action that is more timely or connected to new incentives or offers on your site.

Change up to get noticed

It’s important to remember that not everyone views or consumes content in the same way. So you might consider recreating the content in a new form or asset type. For example: turn your post into an eBook or podcast and snip it up into Tweets with relevant hashtags for your Twitter stream.

These tactics will help to broaden the reach of the content by those that would never have consumed it in its original form. And it would be a good idea to carry over all of the great SEO tags from the original content that helped it to perform so well from the beginning.

Rub all over the success

If you’ve got a post or piece of content that’s driving traffic and providing qualified leads, you can easily squeeze more from it just by linking to more current content that you think site visitors will also find valuable.

If the evergreen content is performing well, it’s only going to help boost the success of your newer content when you link to it.

Get in the conversation

Remember that not everyone finds you the same way. So if your evergreen content is getting found in search engines due to good SEO practices, consider a concentrated social media campaign to promote it and get it into other sites so more people can find it.

Participating in discussion groups or forums and linking back to your content is a great way to further its reach and drive traffic back to your site or blog.

Get geeky and re-optimize

Take the opportunity to give your high performing content a boost by doing some additional search optimization. Audit your page title, header tags, image alt text, copy, and metadata for use of keywords, and determine if there are any additional terms or long tail phrases that could help it to get found.

In conclusion, it’s a good idea to revisit the content on your site that’s been most successful. Because the goal is to have your evergreen content work as hard as possible to help with your lead gen efforts and enhance conversions. Right?

What’s working for you?

Are you engaging in any of these activities to meet the relentless demands of content marketing? Share a comment.

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