LivFit, a growing personal fitness training provider, recently launched a new online website and blog. This new online property presents its upgraded service offering and addresses our research into what their prospects and customers were looking for when evaluating one of the many training and fitness resources in Marin County, CA.

Helping Marin residents of all ages LivFit

LivFit offers fitness training programs designed to meet the unique needs and lifestyle of Marin’s upper-income and time-challenged residents. For people who prefer to work out in small groups or individually with a personal trainer, LivFit’s programs include boot camp outdoor training, slow-protocol strength training, yoga, and custom programs that meet the needs of all fitness levels and ages.

LivFit Founder and Certified Fitness Instructor, Oliveyah Fisch, shared her perspective on the site development process and the results:

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We took a look at all of our competitors, their services and their web sites in this crowded market and realized that many of them had room for improvement. So we upgraded and simplified our training programs so that visitors could find a workout that would meet their needs and their budget. But more importantly, working with TeamworksComm, we set our sights on a different kind of website that would become the hub of our outreach and marketing activities.

Our new web site is now optimized for search, making it easier for people to find us online. The site integrates a cool blog that allows us to easily add customer-focused content in any media so that site visitors can share and comment on it. Our new site also integrates all of the social media channels that we’ve developed and regularly participate in. Now, we can share news, tips, and videos on social media and point people back to our site. It allows us to engage in an ongoing dialogue with our customers that fosters a community of support and encouragement for everyone to reach their individual fitness goals. Even better, it helps to continually improve our search results rankings.

We really appreciated the structured and disciplined approach that Paul and his team provided. And our customers are thrilled with the results.”

LivFit | TeamworkCom
LivFit gets their website in shape for search, social + content marketing | TeamworksCom

An online platform for content marketing and building community

The LivFit web site, blog and open-source content management system was designed, developed and produced by TeamworksCom. Paul Pruneau added:

We’re very excited to be working with Oliveyah and LivFit. The fitness training programs she offers are unlike so many of the cookie-cutter solutions that we have seen. What’s more, Oliveyah has become our poster child of how to maximize the value of the type of online sites that we develop. She gets the interconnections of her site, her social media efforts, and how consistent content creation that is optimized for search can build real and permanent value for her business and her brand.

Since the launch, her site traffic has nearly tripled, her customers are engaged and she has converted a new customer just about every week. We look forward to helping her continue to succeed.”

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