7 thoughts on “Why your business card is no longer in your wallet.

  1. I have to agree with you that  logos and business cards have been completely devaluated. In my opinion, that sentiment pertains more to “us creatives” and not to the those buying those services. However, a logo is still one of the fundamental building blocks of a brand. The Cokes, eBays, and Apples of the world still hold true to this. They know better than to pay $99 for a shit logo.  Having a well put together presentation is still important to a brand. It’s not the kind of thing that people acknowledge on a conscious level but it’s still important. Regardless if we are talking about a store-front, a business card in a wallet, or a web site,  a logo is  always the first thing  people see. A beautiful logo vs  search results? If I had to pick, I’d take the search results. But why settle for one when you can have both.

  2. Thank Mario for your considered comments.
    I agree with you that it would be better to have both: a well designed logo AND great search results ranking. But if no one is willing to provide realistic compensation for the effort, skills and experience to develop a well designed logo and the now preferred path to provide it to a customer is having to participate in a “contest”, it appears that virtually all of the value of this once important graphic has been removed.

    It mirrors what took place in the music industry with the ascension and adoption of sharing digital music. All of the monetary value of the music was stripped away. It’s unfortunate but I think it’s worse to pretend that things will ever return to the ways of the past.

  3. Hey Paul, good points.  Although, I think I manage to have a good internet presence AND a cool business card and logo.  In fact, my brand is indistinguishable from my web presence, though arguably I should be on twitter, too.  However, at the moment there’s only so much I can do between designing jewelry, cutting out the components, assembling them and marketing the finished products!  Just had twelve designs chosen by SF’s Museum of Craft and Folk Art, so something out there is working for me.   As I like to say, “validation, it’s not just for parking garage tickets anymore!”  Hope you’re doing well and keep up the blogging…

  4. Hi Perrin

    Congratulations on your design success and inclusion into SF Craft Museum!
    And thanks for your comments on the post.
    Yes, I think the preference for many is to have a nice logo but it’s very tough to equate it to business value today.
    A continually measurable web presence is my preference.

  5. The only people who can be blamed for creating a race to the bottom in logo design and having completely devaluated and almost destroyed that part of the industry, is designers themselves. The overpopulation of mediocre designers who kept giving in to the crowdsourcing contests without thinking of the long term of their profession, are to blame for their own demise.

  6. Yes, I do believe that you’ve got it right.

  7. Yo Paul,
    As a creative, I always enjoy a great logo and a cool business card! However, I agree with you in that the logo has been devalued to $99 or less. But, the big companies understand what goes into a logo and will spend high dollars on a brand. A brand is more than just a logo these days, it is a living, breathing organism that changes 24/7. Its the companies persona, voice, image and yes the internet. Which makes building a brand that much harder these days to relate to all the different levels of audiences. So, that brings me back to the logo and the business card—I believe as long as your audience ( or people you want to connect to) are “plugged in” you no longer need a business card. With that said…I am a sales person, and will still carry my card in my wallet. Paper will never let you down, but the internet and phone connections can. I say have both. It can’t hurt.

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