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New logo for Glendale | LACBC alternative transportation program

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalation (LACBC) in conjunction with the City of Glendale, CA recently formed a public/private partnership to develop and promote a new city wide Safe and Healthy Streets initiative.

Safe and healthy streets for Glendale.

This new program was designed to integrate enhanced activity routes and multi-purpose paths into the the city’s master plan with a reusable “toolbox” of innovative traffic calming and control measures. The initiative also made city policy changes that outlined minimum standards for access and streetscape features that reduced the barriers to walking, cycling and other non-motorized transportation alternatives.

By encouraging physical activity with more pedestrian friendly streets, paths and routes, Glendale was focused on promoting the benefits of improved health and well-being within their diverse community.

A community awareness and outreach program with a difference.

LACBC engaged our services to create a graphic identity and a community outreach program to generate awareness and raise the visibility of the program for city residents and community members.

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        New Safe & Healthy Streets community website

The solution we developed integrated a number of marketing vehicles including a graphic identity for the program, a new web site, site signage and promotional materials.

These efforts have enhanced recognition and interest by a consortium of government agencies involved in the initiative. And the community has embraced the pilot program as construction begins on new and improved access routes throughout the city.

Measurable results delivered.

Jennifer Klausner, Executive Director of LACBC added: “The program identity that Paul Pruneau and Teamworks Communications developed for us helped us immeasurably in getting this program implemented.

They added significant value in bringing to life the essence of our initiative and creating a personality for the program that the community and civic leaders could endorse and support. We would not have been as successful without their keen insight, strategic focus and outstanding talent.”

Safe & Healthy Streets marketing program | TeamworksCom

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