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“Companies that create, optimize and promote their blog get 55% more site traffic and 70% more leads."


Leave these essentials out at your risk.

Today’s fast changing environment brings new requirements and strategic considerations to a website that may have changed dramatically from your last encounter with digital marketing. Before you invest in a new website or a redo, there are a few essential components worth consideration.

Almost without exception, a modern website designed to add add both perceived and monetary value to a business should integrate these components:

  • a robust Content Management System (CMS)
  • a blog
  • social media channels
  • search engine optimization
  • responsive delivery to mobile devices

Recent research shows that +40% of people online are looking at content on a mobile device. So if you’re not planning to build your website to present your value to these people in a way that's optimized for their hand held device, consider that visitors expect a great web experience no matter what device they use.

The one time event is over.

Without a doubt, a blog is the “have to have” component for a modern web site and the hub for a content marketing platform. Leave this out and embrace obsolescence while you watch your web site investment quickly become irrelevant because it’s dormant.

You know you’re in the business of _____________(fill in the blank). But, like it or not, now you’re in publishing too. That’s right, even you now have to address today’s new business demand to create engaging, relevant and useful content that your prospects and customers will find valuable. It's called Content Marketing and recent data from the Content Marketing Institute indicates more B2B marketers plan to increase their budgets for it this year.

Not interested? Never gonna do that? Well don’t bother with your new website because your competitors are going to meet this new online requirement. And as a result, they’ll position you by default as a less visible, harder to find resource that a prospect seeking your product or service may perceive as less qualified.

Why? Because you’re not adding value to your product or service that enables your prospects to see you as a trusted, transparent and continuous provider of content that helps them address their unique challenge or pain.

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