MJMMG, a professional services consultancy that helps transform Public Space into a sustainable community asset that delivers long-term community value, recently engaged our services to develop a brand positioning and update their brand identity.

For over 20 years, MJMMG has planned, activated and managed world-class public spaces in the Bay Area and across the US. MJMMG’s public space projects include Union Square Park and Yerba Buena Gardens in San Francisco, Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, Grand Park in Los Angeles, Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA and many, many more.

A strategic message and branding challenge.

MJM Management Group faced some interesting “challenges” in this effort. By incorporating the generic word “Management” in their name, they limited the opportunity to make the strategic shift away from just public space operations and maintenance to higher value planning, activation and consulting services.

MJMMG Business Card + Collateral System | TeamworksCom
New Brand Identity for Public Space Consultants, MJMMG | TeamworksCom

Through a multi-phase development process, TeamworksCom helped them explore how to evolve their name and their brand to better communicate and support over 20 years of proven public space expertise.

We delivered a detailed brand positioning recommendation that included changing and simplifying their name to MJMMG. In addition, we developed a new brand identity and tag line, Turning Public Space into Community Value, that telegraphed to all of their audiences what MJMMG offered and why they should be considered by their prospects.

MJMMG | TeamworksCom

A solution tool kit for all communications.

We went further to differentiate MJMMG from their competitors by developing a set of branding components to bring together a disparate set of new business development communications.

All of this effort was designed to connect the new MJMMG brand identity to the brand positioning in a way that was unique to MJMMG and which communicated to property developers, government agencies and public/private partnerships their public space specialization and market-proven value.

MJMMG | TeamworksCom
New name, logo, tagline + website for MJMMG | TeamworksCom

Mary McCue, Founder + CEO of MJMMG added:

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“We faced quite a challenge when we compared our brand presence to some of our competitors and partners. As our business has grown, we’ve added more capabilities and dimensions to our service offering. As a result, our message and how we were presenting ourselves to prospects had gotten a bit muddy and unfocused.

Paul and TeamworksCom helped us define our value in a way that was simple, powerful and memorable. Paul held up a mirror to our organization and we were able to see clearly what made us different and why someone should consider us. Teamworks structured and phased process provided us with the method to clarify our offering and our image. We are now poised to continue our growth with a solid foundation for our brand

The success of this effort has led to the development of a new website, blog and open-source content management system. And we look forward to helping MJMMG with these new marketing efforts.

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