A history of change on the San Francisco Bay

Once a saltwater marsh and lagoon that served as a natural habitat for sea birds, Mission Bay in San Francisco has recently undergone a significant transformation.

A master plan to revive the area and convert over 300 acres into a planned community was produced in the late 1990s. Known as the Mission Bay Project, it is the largest urban development initiated by San Francisco since the construction of Golden Gate Park. The project continues to be overseen by the property owner Mission Bay Development Group in conjunction with the City and County of San Francisco Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure, and the San Francisco Planning Department.

Today, Mission Bay is growing rapidly with apartments, condominiums, retail stores, restaurants, and businesses. UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital recently opened its state-of-the-art facility in Mission Bay. And the Golden State Warriors are building an iconic arena and event campus in the Southern part of the area.

Mission Bay Parks | TeamworksCom
Over 40 acres of open, green relief on the edge of SF Bay | Mission Bay Parks

Urban development and green relief

In and around these developments are 40 acres of open space of existing and planned parks and recreational facilities that make up the Mission Bay Parks | MBP system. For residents, visitors and workers in Mission Bay and surrounding San Francisco communities, there’s nothing else quite like it.

MBP offers a unique destination for relaxation, outdoor events, sports, recreation, and fun. This integrated system of parks is open to all and provides a clean and green release from urban congestion and stress right on the San Francisco Bay. Designed and built from the ground up as green space, it’s unlike any other Bay Area park or paid entertainment venue.

Stepping up and out online.

Mission Bay Parks just launched their new website and blog which was designed to be an engaging information resource for visitors, Mission Bay residents, sponsors and businesses surrounding the neighborhood. This rich new site addressed a number of strategic goals for Mission Bay Parks including:

  • | Make it clear why Bay Area residents + neighbors should visit or attend an MBP event
  • | Simplify messaging + brand value
  • | Increase and enhance community outreach, support + engagement
  • | Connect social media for event attendee engagement + sharing
  • | Optimize site for delivery to mobile devices
  • | Integrate + support site use metrics

Mission Bay Parks Website | TeamworksCom

Cathy Hickey, Site Manager | Mission Bay Parks, added:

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“Developing a new website for Mission Bay Parks was a primary objective for extending our online reach and visibility. As we’ve added more green spaces and facilities to our park system, we wound up being all over the place in how we were presenting our content to the diverse audience we were trying to reach.

TeamworksCom helped us define and present our value in a way that was simple and memorable in a voice that was unique to us. They simplified what made us different and why someone should consider coming to one of our parks or attending one of our events.

What’s more, their inclusive approach helped us get the cool, modern, mobile-friendly website we were looking for. They exceeded our expectations and we just love the result. Even better, our visitors have told us they do too!”

A user-friendly platform for growth.

The new website, event calendar, blog and open-source content management system was designed, developed and produced by TeamworksCom | Teamworks Communications, Inc. TeamworksCom develops brand strategy, engineers content to express customer value, and creates integrated online and content marketing solutions to help businesses succeed.

Mission Bay Parks Event Calendar | TeamworksCom
Find out what’s going on at Mission Bay Parks | TeamworksCom

Paul Pruneau, President of TeamworksCom, had this to say about the new Mission Bay Parks website:

We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Mission Bay Parks. We look forward to helping them continue their growth with a new website that will attract and inform visitors on whatever connected device that they choose. Our goal was to reflect all of the unique qualities that make Mission Bay Parks different from all of the other parks and event venues in the Bay area.

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