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Integrated Online + Content Marketing Services

It’s different now.

Integrated marketing used to be fairly simple. If your television and print ads were tied to your newspaper
and direct mail campaign, you had an “integrated” communications campaign.

Today, it’s much more complicated. If you’re still utilizing traditional media vehicles (and why not if that’s
how your target consumes content), they need to have the message and brand consistency that’s always been
required. But they also must now seamlessly integrate with social media, website content, search engine
optimization, blogs, point-of-sale materials, PR efforts, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and Google keywords.
And don’t forget customer service and internal communications.

It’s overwhelming how many marketing channels are available, yet necessary, for connecting with new
prospects and existing customers to further relationships and increase and organization’s value—and hopefully
revenue. Addressing all of the new demands of this changed marketing environment requires a diverse set of
expertise that’s challenging to assemble, manage and focus to help a business succeed.

A history of adding value.

We’re a team of unique communications and technology professionals who have earned decades of experience
in technology start-ups, advertising agencies, brand consulting firms, corporate in-house communications
departments, and integrated marketing communications firms.

For more than 19 years, we’ve developed brand strategies, engineered content to express customer value and
created integrated online and content marketing solutions to help businesses of all size succeed.

Brand Strategy + Digital Marketing to help you succeed.

What makes us different is that we combine deep technology skills with marketing communications expertise.
From creating a brand positioning and content strategy, to developing content-driven and mobile optimized
web sites, our team represents the best that Silicon Valley offers in an organization that values customer
relationships and that is easy to do business with.

Our entire team has passion for developing, producing and delivering benefit-oriented solutions that engage
and inspire an audience to recognize, consider, and ultimately act.

We bring a unique perspective, deliver market proven skill sets and provide solutions that solve real-world
problems to help our clients succeed.

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