Today, the highest value in marketing is now being assigned to the ability to be “found” on the internet. What’s more, if all the digital methods, mechanisms, and techniques you’re using aren’t facilitating this task, there’s little reason to invest in them.

Raising your online visibility starts here.

What are the essential components required to become visible and what are the guidelines to follow when creating content today?

1. | Create a unique and compelling web site that reflects and supports a brand position which defines the value that you offer your prospects and differentiates you from your competitors.

2. | Create a marketing strategy that makes your site the focal point for all of your prospect and customer outreach efforts.

3. | Ensure that the content that you offer is current, relevant and refreshed regularly with minimal resources while delivering maximum value.

4. | Create, engage, measure and monitor the needs, issues, likes and dislikes of your community.

5. | Capture, analyze and evaluate all traffic, leads, inquiries, and opportunities that result from your online activities including search, site visits, downloads, email, comments, links, and posts.

6. | Make sure you regularly and frequently participate in the ongoing social media conversation with current, relevant and thoughtful content, posts and comments while always being cognizant and respectful of people’s valuable time.

7. | Listen, listen, listen, watch, learn and make adjustments to always improve the above.

One thought on “Raising your online visibility + 7 steps to success

  1. It seems apparent that being ‘found’ on the internet is a work in progress. Constant attention to upgrading, refreshing and populating the site is no small effort. For large companies this seems plausible but for small companies? When can they get the actual product development done? Is this web maintenance a daily, weekly or monthly thing to stay relevant?

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