What will it take to do Content Marketing?

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Your website may be woefully out of date or in serious need of a content upgrade. Your need, may in fact, have turned into a crisis because your competitors are more visible, leads are drying up and prospects are confused about what your organization offers and why they should care.

But before we go any further to address your pressing online issues, you should know that we approach websites, and the content that’s in them, much differently than your ordinary marketing consultant, designer or developer.

What a difference makes.

Make no mistake, we’ve got the experience and creative expertise to design and develop award-winning websites optimized for any device. And we’ve got the geek chops to build and deploy them as as a foundational hub for online and content marketing.

But our true value and difference lies in our strategic, integrated approach to content marketing.

We start all of our engagements with a structured and proven brand value and positioning process that ensures that whatever we develop together will yield a better business outcome and the best ROI for you.

A foundation for success.

Over the course of a series of intensive one-on-one sessions with your team, we explore your business goals and develop an expression of your brand value that positions you differently from your competitors. Together we will get clear on what you offer, what makes you different, who your audience is and why anyone should consider what you offer over your competitors.

This is the essential foundation for how you present your value to the world. Without it, it’s not possible for us to do our work or to make you successful.

Our goal together is to create something that reflects you and drives business your way. It needs to be clear, authentic and relevant enough to inspire the right people to act.

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So what will it take to both build a website that reflects all that you offer and serve as a hub for doing content marketing successfully?

The infographic below is a great place to start the conversation. Every component and phase of work is essential. Starting costs and timing are outlined.

  What will it take to do Content Marketing? | TeamworksCom

Where to from here?

Content Marketing is an undertaking worthy of serious consideration. And our process is reflective of all of the disciplines, talents, technologies and project management expertise required to address the complexity of online marketing today.

Others may not be transparent or up front about what it will actually take to make you successful online. If you want to work with us, you can expect to commit for at least 12 months and be intimately involved in every phase of our approach.

So, if you’re interested in making your online marketing work as hard as you do, we should talk. We look forward to hearing from you.