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Next Step Partners | Case Study


Today, if your selling something as intangible, or as intellectually challenging as leadership development, it’s reasonable to ask how exactly are you going to do that?—especially online. And more importantly, how are you going to differentiate what you offer from the army of competitors selling similar services? These—and many more—were some of the significant challenges that Next Step Partners (NSP) faced.

A proven leader helping others succeed.
Every leader and every organization has limits. What separates the good leaders from great leaders is a relentless drive to fill the gaps. Giant steps are only possible with an understanding of the causes and conditions of a gap and a smart, practical course of action to close it. Next Step Partners are seasoned leadership experts who work with executives and organizations that want to breakthrough their limits and do astonishing things.

For over 16 years, NSP has successfully provided their experience and services to a broad range of corporate, non-profit and academic clients including: Google, Doctors Without Borders, Apple, Bechtel, IBM, Genentech, University of California Berkeley, GAP, LucasFilm, eBay, Packard Foundation and many, many more. NSP offers a suite of integrated suite of services including: Executive Coaching, Team Development, Leadership Development, and Career Transition.

To support their market momentum and enhance continued growth, NSP evaluated many marketing resources before turning to TeamworksCom.
We helped NSP with a number of strategic initiatives including:
  • work with the founders and the leadership team to develop a clear, differentiated brand positioning and value proposition
  • design and develop a new, mobile-optimized website and online hub for content marketing
  • develop the strategy and manage the implementation of a consistent and structured content marketing program
  • work with, simplify and guide the organization leadership through the required new processes, diverse technologies, and essential training with transparent communication to ensure success
Our efforts were intended to help NSP address very specific objectives that included:
  • Help target prospects and organization leaders better understand what NSP is, what they do, and how they’re different
  • Provide proof that they can address the unique challenges that their prospects and customers face
  • Capitalize on decades of market proven success, unique approach and leadership team experience
  • Sustain and enhance relationships with existing customers
  • Foster and enhance thought leadership in their category
  • Improve website traffic, enhance lead generation activities, qualify and nurture leads into opportunities
  • Increase revenue through client engagements with more high-margin services


Old Next Step Partners Website
Old Website


We addressed NSP's challenges with a strategic, multi-phased approach including:
1 | Interviews with the leadership team to gain a comprehensive understanding of their service offering, competitive challenges and market requirements
2 | Identification and documentation of the primary targets and personas who make or influence purchasing decisions for NSP products and services
3 | Competitor communications audit
4 | Development of a differentiated brand positioning that defined and documented NSP’s value with recommendation and support
5 | Integration of the approved brand positioning and messaging into a new, mobile-optimized website and hub for content marketing
6 | Definition and documentation of a consistent sales process that identified and simplified how a marketing qualified lead turns into an opportunity and ultimately into a customer
7 | Integration, merge and data-cleanse of all customers, leads and contacts into a user-friendly CRM with real-time reporting on pipeline, forecasting and opportunity status—with sales force personal email integrated for nurturing opportunities to close
8 | Development and management of a structured content calendar for organizing and consistently publishing content that attracts prospects and addresses the relevant challenges that they face
9 | Consistent creation, production and deployment of content, targeted online outreach, and delivery of high value assets to attract leads
10 | Structured review and measurement of program progress and effectiveness to evaluate and and improve performance
11 | Strategic planning and oversight of the program to unify their dispersed leadership team, communicate consistently and effectively, mitigate surprises, measure success against agreed to objectives and guide necessary adjustments to yield improved outcomes


In a challenging business category that offers no tangible product or thing you can touch, NSP is “selling” an intellectual and aspirational outcome. The result is pervasive category reliance on both the credentials and images of provider principals with lots of boring message formality. We recommend an opportunity to focus on the context of people—how leaders work, act, think and behave as a way to differentiate NSP's value.

The result helped NSP flip their focus away from talking about themselves to focus on the pain and needs of their prospects. By addressing “What’s in it for me?”, prospect confidence in the possibilities and potential of engaging with NSP was significantly improved.


Unlike some resources that offer services that have a start and an end, we continue to partner with NSP in a dynamic process that involves continuous planning, implementation, measuring, and adjusting.

A multi year commitment by both parties has delivered success including:
  • Complete Content Marketing foundation built + deployed: Responsive website, Content Marketing hub and analytics platform
  • Marketing automation + lead nurturing/scoring enabled, CRM with Sales personal Email Integration
  • Overall marketing effectiveness of site up +216% since launch
  • Top 10 search results for keyword phrases
  • Up to 6X site traffic increase with every email push
  • Email opens rates average 30% or higher
  • Click through rates average +5%
  • Marketing qualified leads show up in NSP's inbox daily—with real-time alerts via text + email
  • Event registrations + conversions exceed expectations by 200%
  • Blog is the 2nd most valued + visited site content
  • Sales of products increased +16X MOM from online promotion campaign
  • Eliminating Salesforce subscription saved $9k annually
  • Site/content subscribers average dozens per month—and rising
  • Marketing automation campaigns foster engagement and nurture leads to close
  • 250 qualified leads in 8 months
  • Website traffic increase YOY | Q3 = +200%
  • Continuous lead conversions from premium assets
  • 132% annual rise in returning site visitors
  • 289% increase in mobile visitors to site
  • Continuous account management and leadership training


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“TeamworksCom guided us through an intense, structured approach to help us define and clarify our value in a way that was simple, clear and unique to us. Next, they took us through an inclusive and educative process to develop a website that presented our value in a way that was authentic and inspiringly different from all of our competitors.

From there, we’ve leveraged our site as hub and platform for content marketing. TeamworksCom has provided the strategic oversight, innovative thinking, amazing technology and a trusted partnership with us every step of the way. We never could have accomplished this with out them. Even better, the results that they consistently deliver give us confidence that the effort and continued investment in them is worth every penny—and more.”

Heather Corcoran | Founder + Senior Partner
Next Step Partners

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