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Content Marketing Services

“People trust other people and word-of-mouth recommendations much more than they trust advertising."

Nielson | Global Online Consumer Survey

Congratulations. You're now in publishing and media too.

More than ever, people turn to the Internet and their social networks to find answers and solutions to their challenges or needs. And like it or not, it’s now up to you to make sure you're found in your prospect's searches and that they value you highly enough to come into their decision-making process. That means creating and distributing content that informs, entertains or inspires to pull them in. Why do this? Because prospects are dismissing providers that aren’t helpful and are ignoring companies that are all hard sell or just plain boring. Content Marketing is the creation and distribution of relevant and compelling content via multiple media channels in order to attract and convert unknown prospects into willing customers. But making the transformation from just a promoter of your stuff to a provider of helpful insights is a significant challenge for just about any businesses. [hr]

Essential ingredients for success.

The 3 guiding principles of our Content Marketing approach include: Be relevant. Be visible. Be chosen. A good content marketing program works like an engine. You need constant fuel, a well-oiled system and insightful analytics to keep it running at optimum performance and efficiency. The goal of Content Marketing is to draw customers to your site, create the opportunity for capturing leads and interlink across all channels back to your site. Your website in effect becomes a rich, relevant content portal that your prospective customers will return to again and again until they’re convinced and ready to buy. Our Content Marketing services include: 1. Target audience persona A target audience profile including their attitudes, pains, needs, triggers, and buying motivators. 2. Content strategy Mapping out content that will attract your target personas and play to your solution strengths. 3. Content creation with solution benefits Identifying the elements of your solution that address target pain points and needs. 4. Content platform Developing and branding the right platforms for content promotion including website, blog, email, and social. 5. Regular content creation and distribution Consistent production of quality, relevant content, that's optimized and deployed it in the right channels. 6. Measure, revise and refine Measuring effectiveness of the strategy with continual refinement to improve results.

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