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Pacific Nurseries | Case Study


Like many industries, the wholesale nursery business has become increasingly competitive. Established regional providers offer large selections of plant material, custom ordering services and have a successful history of meeting the unique needs of the trade. These similarities make it difficult for a prospect to discern the difference from one resource to another.

Over the last decade, Pacific Nurseries has made significant investments in their facilities, operations and marketing communications to position their brand as a leading Bay Area provider of landscape plant material to the trade. The recent challenging economic environment has added pressure on sales volume and growth for every business. As a result, prospects today are looking for resources and companies to do business with that can add value and deliver more for less.
In a business category that may have little perceived differentiation between competitors, this has never been more important for survival and growth.

Pacific Nurseries has achieved success by providing highly personalized customer service, expanding plant and specimen capacity, integrating online ordering technology and providing well organized facilities that makes it easy for trade professionals to view, select and order plant material for a small order to a large installation.

By continually looking at the needs of the professional and responding with new services and specialized offerings, Pacific Nurseries has grown for over 145 years. They've become an essential resource that over 4000 landscape contractors, commercial developers, government organizations, schools and retail nurseries rely on for their nursery needs.


Pacific Nurseries Old Log
Old Identity


  • Educate targets about new capabilities, features, services and special offers available from Pacific Nurseries
  • Generate awareness to raise consideration of Pacific Nurseries as a preferred Bay Area provider of landscape plant material for the trade
  • Enhance opportunity for prospects to find Pacific Nurseries value through online search and SEO
  • Develop a Content Marketing program to deliver customer education and support differentiation
  • Create urgency + add value to products and services by rewarding prospects for doing business with Pacific Nurseries
  • Integrate a content management system (CMS) to provide easy creation and editing of page or blog content
  • Transition use of traditional media to exclusively online and measurable marketing
  • Develop and deploy a new website integrating a CMS, blog, social media channels, analytics and prospect data capture for lead nurturing and email marketing
  • Provide integrated analytics tool for site traffic, visitor profile & content reporting


  • Online estimating and ordering enables delivery of highly qualified leads—every day
  • Qualified leads have converted to six figure of new revenue every year
  • Overall marketing effectiveness of the website has increased over 300%
  • Email campaigns consistently have open rates 20% higher than industry average
  • Email marketing delivers the highest daily site traffic
  • Customer database and subscriptions to site content have increased 18%
  • A distinctive graphic identity and approachable personality differentiates their brand and content
  • Continuous investment in online marketing have led to double digit sales increases for over 10 years


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“Our partnership with TeamworksCom is one of the most effective ways we reach out to prospects, enhance their consideration of our products and services and reward them for doing business with us. Their sustained efforts have helped us grow our business and improve our market position in a highly competitive environment.”

Julie Baldocchi | Marketing Vice-President
Pacific Nurseries

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