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MJMMG | Case Study


MJMMG is a San Francisco based, privately-held professional services firm that specializes in developing and managing highly-visible public space. MJMMG offers an integrated and comprehensive approach with services that span the life cycle of public space projects including: initial planning and design, legislation coordination, special district formation, site activation, and ongoing operations and maintenance for successful deployment within the community.

MJMMG markets its services nationwide and provides private property owners, developers, public agencies, neighborhood groups, and architectural services providers with proven best practices on how to design and develop a public property that is exciting, attractive, safe and financially self-sustaining.
MJMMG ’s work includes many well known San Francisco Bay Area public spaces such as Yerba Buena Gardens, Union Square Park, Mission Bay Parks, and the Castro Upper Market & Noe Valley Community Benefits Districts. They have also provided services throughout the nation for projects that include: Grand Park in Los Angeles, Oviedo Parks District in Florida, Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, Independence Mall in Philadelphia and many, many more.

MJMMG was seeking an experienced and qualified resource to help them present their services and benefits in a new website and marketing outreach program. Key objectives included attracting and qualifying leads and furthering new business opportunities and relationships.


Old MJM brand identity
Old Identity


  • Develop new brand positioning and messaging to reflect MJMMG’s Public Space expertise and experience
  • Update and relaunch brand identity and visual presentation of the MJMMG brand
  • Enhance opportunity for prospects to find MJMMG’s value through online search and SEO
  • Provide ability to capture leads + subscribe to new site content
  • Incorporate interactive blog for brand awareness, establishing thought leadership, building community and driving site traffic
  • Integrate a content management system (CMS) to provide easy creation and editing of page or blog content
  • Provide integrated analytics tool for site traffic, visitor profile & content reporting


  • Site traffic and online lead nurturing for new business has improved 4X
  • Prospects seeking Public Space planning, design, and consulting now have ease of access to reference examples, related deployments and specific project results
  • Overall marketing effectiveness of the site increased +300%
  • MJMMG is now capturing leads and providing subscription options to new site content
  • CMS and robust site structure has enabled easy additions of new content, case studies and partners


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“Paul Pruneau and TeamworksCom helped us define our value in a way that was simple, powerful and memorable. Paul held up a mirror to our organization and we were able to see clearly what made us different and why someone should consider us. TeamworksCom’s structured and phased process was essential for us to get the website we were looking for. And we’re very excited with the result!”

Mary McCue | Founder & CEO

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