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Autodesk Location Services | Case Study


International wireless telecom carriers were challenged with declining subscriber revenue, customer churn and huge capital investment in next generation wireless data networks.

Autodesk was introducing a carrier-grade, highly-scaleable software platform with an integrated suite of market-ready, location-centric applications.
Their solution enabled wireless carriers to reliably deliver new, personalized, localized and actionable location based services with reduced risk and faster deployment than traditional in-house development efforts.

While Autodesk had built a very successful brand on PC engineering and architectural software, wireless carriers had no awareness of the Autodesk brand. More importantly, they were not considered as a location-based services software platform provider.


AutoCad Software
AutoCad Software


  • Generate awareness and educate executive decision makers about what differentiated Autodesk’s location services platform
  • Position Autodesk’s location services platform as a compelling way for wireless carriers to maximize subscriber revenue while minimizing development costs and risks
  • Focus messaging on comprehensiveness of solution
  • Drive inquiry and evaluation
  • Maximize opportunities for 1-on-1, solution evaluations by domestic and international, tier-one carriers to support revenue goal
  • Capitalize on highest concentrations of target at key trade shows and events
  • Build an intelligent, relevant and accessible brand personality
  • Comply with established parent company’s brand and visual requirements.


  • Inquiries and evaluations doubled each quarter after the campaign launched.
  • Specialized presentations to prospects exceeded expectations at every event. Autodesk achieved their year end sales goal of targeted carriers deploying the platform for delivering location based services.
  • The integrated communications campaign significantly raised Autodesk’s visibility and credibility within wireless carrier community.
  • The “location in the shadow” visual became a recognized  icon for the Autodesk location-based solution and brand.


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“We were looking for a seasoned resource with technology marketing experience that was qualified to help us differentiate our new middleware platform. TeamworksCom was not only able to understand our solution and our business, but they also developed a unique brand positioning for us that was integrated into all of the communications for our launch. Their unique experience and effort helped us achieve our aggressive sales goal.”

Meredith Dunn | Director, Marketing Communications
Autodesk Location Services

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