Grand Park is a 12-acre site owned by the County of Los Angeles. Located at the Los Angeles County Mall, this impressive public space is open for everyone in the diverse community to enjoy.

The Park stretches four downtown blocks from Grand Avenue to Spring Street. The area is also adjacent to the Music Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, and City Hall.

Grand Park Foundation is born.

After a $56 million investment and over 24 months of construction to create one-of-a-kind public space, Grand Park opened to visitors in July 2012.

Shortly thereafter, an advisory board for the County of Los Angeles established the formation of a Foundation to implement public programming and operating procedures for the park. This Grand Park Foundation | GPF is also responsible for fundraising and programming support through a community-based involvement model.

Grand Park | Los Angeles
Four downtown blocks of urban renewal | Grand Park, Los Angeles

A comprehensive progress report for a diverse community.

The Grand Park Foundation had a fiduciary duty to disclose their mission, early accomplishments and financial performance to many constituents including:

  • | The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors
  • | GPF Board of Directors
  • | Donors | Supporters
  • | Media
  • | Park Visitors + User Community
Grand Park Foundation Annual Report | TeamworksCom
Grand Park Foundation Annual Report | Designed + Produced by TeamworksCom

In a fast moving project that required expertise from a communications team fluent in the many dimensions of public space activation, management, and operations, the GPF turned to TeamworksCom to help them develop and produce an Annual Report that would be delivered online and in printed form.

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Objectives for the Annual Report included:

  • Provide audience targets with a transparent, strategic and fiscal overview of how program operating revenue was acquired, dispersed and used to achieve the GPF mission
  • Summarize + simplify the GPF mission, program/s budget, 5 yr programming plans, foundation history timeline and BOD credentials
  • Present and organize the content in a well-structured, easy-to-view online and printed document that highlights the value of GPF to the community and park management
  • Integrate current successful programs or plans with YTD results
  • Create a sustainable structure that can be expanded with the integration of future programs and content
  • Deliver finished Annual Report in online and print form in a compressed schedule
Grand Park Foundation performance | TeamworksCom
A transparent, strategic + fiscal overview of the Grand Park Foundation’s peformance | TeamworksCom

We successfully accomplished all of these goals and more. Angie Castro, acting Executive Director of the Grand Park Foundation, added:

“Our recently completed Annual Report elevates our foundation’s performance and accomplishments in a beautiful solution that everyone has embraced. What’s more, it also helps us fulfill the promise of Grand Park by assisting us with forging successful partnerships with the County, the Music Center, private philanthropy, and the broader community. We are on our way to making Grand Park a glittering showcase of Los Angeles’ diversity and our connections to the world’s cultures.

TeamworksCom and Profile Strategies were great to work with and exceeded all of our expectations.

Without the strategic counsel and responsive service of these great partners, we would have had a much different outcome. The LA Board of Supervisors, our board and our supporters are thrilled with the result.”

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