Every leader and every organization has limits. What separates the good from the great is a relentless drive to fill the gaps.

Giant steps are only possible with an understanding of the causes and conditions of a gap and a smart, practical course of action.

Proven leaders helping leaders succeed.

Next Step Partners | NSP are seasoned leadership experts who work with executives and organizations that want to break through their limits and do astonishing things.

NSP has successfully provided its experience and services to a broad range of corporate, non-profit and academic clients including Google, Doctors Without Borders, Apple, Bechtel, IBM, Genentech, University of California Berkeley, GAP, LucasFilm, BNP Paribas, Wharton, eBay, Packard Foundation and many, many more.

NSP offers a suite of integrated leadership services including Executive Coaching, Team Development, Leadership Development, and Career Transition. The result enables both leaders and teams to improve performance and make substantive progress through periods of uncertainty and change.

Next Step Partners Brand Positioning | TeamworksCom
Helping leaders break through their limits and do astonishing things | TeamworksCom

A pressing list of needs.

To support their market momentum and consistent growth, NSP evaluated many marketing resources before turning to TeamworksCom | TWC for online marketing expertise. Their needs included creating a unique brand positioning, a new website + content marketing hub, and implementing of a sustained online marketing program to help them address a number of objectives. They included:

  • Help targets understand what NSP is, what they do, and how they’re different
  • Provide proof that they can address the unique challenges facing prospects
  • Capitalize on decades of market proven success, unique approach + collective partner experience
  • Sustain + enhance relationships with existing customers
  • Foster thought leadership in the Talent Development category
  • Support prospect outreach, improve website traffic + enhance lead generation activities

A phased, strategic approach to change.

TeamworksCom addressed these challenges with a multi-phased, strategic approach including:

  1. | Partner interviews to gain a comprehensive understanding of competitive challenges, service offering + how they’re different
  2. | Identification + documentation of the primary targets who make or influence purchasing decisions
  3. | Competitive communications + online audit
  4. | Development + recommendation of a positioning that defines and documents brand value with support
  5. | Integrate approved brand positioning into a new website + hub for content marketing
  6. | Review, evaluate + monitor the results

Opportunity in a new Next Step Partners website

In a challenging business category that offers no tangible product or thing you can touch, NSP is “selling” an intellectual and aspirational outcome. The result is pervasive category reliance on both the credentials and images of provider principals with lots of boring, formal messages. An opportunity to focus on the context of people—how leaders work, act, think and behave—was recommended by TWC.

TeamworksCom helped NSP flip their focus away from talking about themselves to focusing on the pain and needs of their prospects. By addressing “What’s in it for me?”, prospect confidence in the possibilities and potential of engaging with NSP could be improved.

The outcome of this shift resulted in a new NSP website that is simple, inviting and unlike all of their competitors. It balances all of the positioning, solution details, and SEO requirements to enhance search results while focusing on prospect needs. It also accommodates future content additions and responsive delivery to mobile devices.

Next Step Partners Brand Identity + Tagline | TeamworksCom

A simplified expression of value.

TWC also developed a new brand tagline for NSP which was introduced in the website and integrated into all other marketing communications.

The tagline, Next Step Partners | Leaders Without Limits, expresses in a few select words all that NSP offers. It captures both the aspirational promise of what happens when organizations engage their services and why target customers should turn to NSP to address their people challenge.

This is box title

“We’ve been fortunate to have grown our business with some very talented partners, team members, and some truly amazing customers. But as we matured, we became increasingly uncomfortable with our website and how we were presenting our value to prospects and customers. Our website was not aligned with all of our services and what we were actually delivering to the executives and organizations that we work with.

TeamworksCom guided us through an intense, structured approach to help us define and clarify our value in a way that was simple, clear, and unique to us. Next, they took us through an inclusive and educative process to develop a website that presented our value in a way that was authentic and inspiringly different from all of our competitors. From here, we’ll be using our site as a robust platform for content marketing. And as we focus on sustaining relationships with our existing customers, fostering thought leadership, nurturing prospects into customers, and improving our search results ranking, TeamworksCom will be with us every step of the way.”

Next Step Partners

TeamworksCom develops brand strategy, engineers content to express customer value and creates integrated online and content marketing solutions to help organizations succeed.

Paul Pruneau, President of TeamworksCom | Teamworks Communications, Inc., shared his perspective on the new NSP brand positioning and website: “It’s rare that we get the opportunity to work with such a bright and experienced group of experts. The relationship we’ve developed with the entire NSP team has been both enlightening and rewarding.

We appreciate how NSP always challenges us to a higher level to deliver our best. And we look forward to helping NSP continue their success with the launch of their new website and a content marketing program.”

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