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Client Reviews

Heather Corcoran | Next Step Partners
Heather Corcoran
Founding Partner
Next Step

“From our first interaction with TeamworksCom, we knew they were different. We’ve been
consistently impressed with their process, thinking, recommendations and great work throughout
the many months that we’ve partnered with them. It’s been a refreshing change from our past
experiences with other marketing consultants or just creative resources because they really
“get it”.

TeamworksCom guided us through an intense, structured approach to help us define and
clarify our value in a way that was simple, clear and unique to us. Next, they took us through
an inclusive and educative process to develop a website that presented our value in a way that
was authentic and inspiringly different from all of our competitors. From here, we’ll be using
our site as robust platform for content marketing. And as we focus on sustaining relationships
with our existing customers, fostering thought leadership, nurturing prospects into customers,
and improving our search results ranking, they’ll be with us every step of the way.”

Mary McCue | TeamworksCom
Mary McCue
Founder | CEO

“We faced quite a challenge when we embarked on developing a new website. As our
business has grown, we’ve added more capabilities and dimensions to our services.
And as a result, our message and how we were presenting ourselves to prospects had
gotten a bit muddy and outdated. TeamworksCom helped us define our value in a way that
was simple, powerful and memorable.

Paul Pruneau held up a mirror to our organization and we were able to see clearly what made
us different and why someone should consider us. The structured process they took us
through was essential for us to overhaul our image and get a new website that accurately
presents the value we offer. We’re very excited about the results because new business
inquiries are up and prospects are now considering us for much larger opportunities.”

Steve Scheier | TeamworksCom
Steve Scheier
Founder | CEO

“Paul and TeamworksCom helped us with more than the launch of our brand. They provided
the acceleration for the growth of our consultancy. From developing our identity to refining
of our messaging to creating our website and blog, TeamworksCom architected and built
a unique and differentiated online presence for us that our customers have praised.

Their guidance helped us focus on delivering valuable content in a clear, easy-to-use, socially
enabled online property that met all of our requirements and surpassed expectations.”

Jan Drees | Yerba Buena Gardens
Jan Drees
Operations Director
Yerba Buena

“We faced a number of challenges in addressing the repositioning of Yerba Buena Gardens
and the relaunch of our website. Without a doubt, the best decision we made was to work with
TeamworksCom. As true partners, they guided us through their structured process of brand
positioning and website development.

They kept us on track and made my job that much easier with excellent management and
strategic oversight of our messaging and content needs. Bottom line, they were a joy to work
with and we wouldn’t have been able to achieve the successful outcome of a recently
relaunched website that our visitors, tenants and partners have praised.”

Kathleen Watson | TeamworksCom
Kathleen Watson

Chicken Socks

“The best part of working with Paul and Teamworks Communications is they are a great
strategic partner. They immerse themselves in our market environment, our challenges
and our positioning and always keep us focused on the big picture. The worst part of
working with them is that they consistently translate their strategic insights into wonderful
communications solutions that make it difficult for us to select the best one out of a group
of great ones. It’s a refreshing change from other resources we’ve worked with.”

Donald Baldocchi | TeamworksCom
Donald Baldocchi
Pacific Nurseries

“In the 14+ years that we’ve been working with Paul and TeamworksCom, they’ve
continuously enhanced the value of our brand and helped us grow our business. From
helping us define our customer value, creating our logo, producing our advertising and
direct mail, and by bringing us into the digital age with our website, blog, email and
content marketing, we’ve built a consistent industry presence and voice directed to our
audience of trade professionals.

TeamworksCom has a passion for what we do and they consistently bring fresh thinking and
innovative solutions on how to help us succeed. Best of all, they deliver new prospects and
qualified leads to our email inbox everyday. And we just love that!”

Tina Meining | TeamworksCom
Tina Meining
Vice President

Ninth House

“We challenged Paul and TeamworksCom when we engaged them to help us define a brand
positioning and value proposition that would separate us from our competitors in a complex
and confusing market. They not only achieved this goal but they also helped us to communicate
our unique value to all of our employees, partners and prospects through a focused
communications program and online micro site. The results of this effort became an essential
ingredient in helping us to compete and grow in a very challenging environment.”

David Bercovich | TeamworksCom
David Bercovich
Product Marketing
Enterprise Group


“Paul and his team were very quickly able to assess and absorb both the distinctive
personality of our brand and how to present the unique value of our search appliance family
to a new and important market for us. The integrated communications campaign they developed
for us not only increased leads and sales but also helped reinforce the very positive
perception prospects have about our brand.”

Marcelo Aviles | Union Square Live
Marcelo Aviles
Program Manager
Union Square Live

“Developing a new website for Union Square Live was a primary objective for extending
our online reach and visibility. As our program calendar has expanded, we’ve added more
performances and opportunities to engage with visitors on Facebook and through social
media. Unfortunately, we wound up being all over the place in how and where we were
presenting our content to the diverse audience we were trying to attract.

TeamworksCom helped us present USL in a way that was simple and memorable in a voice
that was unique to us. Their process gave us an accurate reflection of who we were. We then
recognized what made us different and why someone should consider attending one of our
performances. What’s more, their inclusive approach helped us get the cool, modern,
mobile-friendly website we were looking for. We love the result and USL visitors have
told us they do too!”

Sidney Minassian | TeamworksCom
Sidney Minassian
Founder | President

“Working with Paul and his team was a refreshing break from business as usual with
other consultants. We appreciated the depth of their experience and the strategic approach
they brought to our challenge of introducing a solution that has broad application to the
way professionals manage their work and relationships. The messaging and communication
campaign they developed for us helped us crystallized the expression of our offering in a
way that was simple, powerful, graphically memorable and unique to us.”

Deb Wolf | TeamworksCom
Deb Wolf
Brand & Advertising


“I’ve worked with a number of marketing communications firms and few have the talent
and experience of Paul and his team. What makes them unique is that their work is always
strategically grounded, consistently relevant and emotionally engaging for the audiences we
want to reach. With TeamworksCom, you get big agency thinking without all the nonsense and
layers of a big agency structure. You’ll work with the senior talent who cares about the
success of your business.”

Steve Leventhal | TeamworksCom
Steve Leventhal
Executive Director

“When we initiated a strategic change process to reposition our non-profit organization to
better meet the growing needs of our customers, partners and donors in communities and
countries around the world, we faced significant challenges in communicating our value
to these audiences. Paul and his Team were instrumental in helping us redefine and
articulate the value we offer.

They were also incredibly adept in translating this value into a comprehensive brand
identity, web site, blog, social media and marketing communications campaign that took
us from confused and unfocused to clear and compelling. The results of their work will
enable us to capitalize on new opportunities and ensure that we will be more successful
in making a difference for those in need of our services.”

Karen Steele | TeamworksCom
Karen Steele
Vice President


“Paul and his team offer both outstanding strategic counsel and breakthrough creative
work. Especially for established companies like us that provide sophisticated technology
solutions to the enterprise. They are particularly effective at defining and shaping a unified
brand positioning and translating high-level benefit messages into online solutions and
integrated communications campaigns. The results of their efforts clarified our complex
offering and provided a foundation for presenting our brand and our benefits to a very
discerning target.”

Jim Vitkus | TeamworksCom
Jim Vitkus

“We didn’t ask Teamworks Communications for much, just a miracle. They not only
tackled the complicated task of defining a unique positioning for our service, they
also crafted a single cohesive communications program to deliver it. What’s more, they
implemented it in record time for our launch.—Miracle accomplished.”

Don Tyler | TeamworksCom
Don Tyler
Senior Director

Cloud9 Analytics

“The website, blog and open-source content management system that TeamworksCom
developed and produced for us has completely transformed our business online. These
guys get it and gave us exactly what we needed to compete in a very competitive market.
Our web site now reflects the brand qualities and continually updated content that our
prospects and customers demand.”

LivFit | TeamworksCom
Oliveyah Salvage
Founder | Principal

“We really appreciated the structured and disciplined approach that Paul and his
team provided. Our new website is now optimized for search, making it easier for people
to find us online. The site integrates a cool blog that allows us to easily add customer
focused content in any media so that site visitors can share and comment on it. Our new
site also integrates all of the social media channels that we’ve developed and regularly
participate in.

Now, we can share news, tips, and videos in social media and point people back to our site.
It allows us to engage in an ongoing dialogue with our customers that fosters a community
of support and encouragement for everyone to reach their individual fitness goals. Even
better, it helps to continually improve our search results rankings.”

Jennifer Klausner | TeamworksCom
Jennifer Klausner
Executive Director

“The program identity that Teamworks Communications developed for us helped us
immeasurably in getting this program implemented and deployed. They added significant value
in bringing to life the essence of our initiative and creating a personality for the program
that the community and civic leaders could endorse and support. We would not have been as
successful without their keen insight, strategic focus and outstanding talent.”

Eric Zarakov | TeamworksCom
Eric Zarakov
Vice President


“Our goal was to introduce a revolutionary solution to a very established market.
TeamworksCom was instrumental in helping us achieve that vision. Their strategic counsel,
experience and innovative creative solutions helped us create a unique name, identity and brand
personality for a very discerning market where our brand needed to reflect the quality that our
image capture solution delivered.”

Sara Ellis | TeamworksCom
Sara Ellis
Ultimate Fitness

“The comprehensive program that Paul and his team planned, developed and produced for us
has completely transformed our business. Our branding, messaging, online and visible market
presence now support our core mission of helping our customers maintain a healthy, strong
body as the essential vehicle for a successful life. What’s more, our prospect inquiries are up,
more customers are joining us, our image in the community is polished and our members are
energized by the changes we’ve made to our facility, our brand and our message!”

David Brodwin | TeaworksCom
David Brodwin
New Voice
of Business

“The marketing communication solutions that Paul and his team created captured the essence
of our focused message in a way that was both engaging and compelling. We especially
appreciated their ability to quickly grasp the value that our organization offers to our diverse,
professional members and how they were able to bring it to life to help us grow our membership
and affect the change we need.”

Marcia Kadanoff | TeamworksCom
Marcia Kadanoff

“Thanks to TeamworksCom, we went from no recognition to being a recognized name in our
category in less than six months. The campaign they put together built our brand, got the phone
ringing off the hook, and was responsible for helping to increase our valuation 12x over the last
two quarters. I can’t praise their efforts enough.”

Paul Finkle | TeamworksCom
Paul Finkle

“What is so positive about working with Paul and Teamworks Communications is their ability
to strategically understand our business and what makes our solution different. But what
sets them apart is their ability to translate this understanding into a unique brand positioning
that is reflected in all of the communications they developed and produced for our launch. We
would be far less successful in differentiating ourselves from the many competitors in our market
without their work.”

Don Keane | TeamworksCom
Don Keane
Vice President
Brand Marketing


“The targeted advertising, online and direct marketing effort Teamworks Communications
developed for us presented our service benefits precisely the way our target would
understand. In fact, it produced a response that exceeded our expectations by threefold.
They consistently extended our message through online media with a solution that emphasized
our unique benefits. And prospects and customers have responded to our efforts with the
highest compliments: sales.”

John Alfano | Zypr
John Alfano
Marketing Director
Zypr | Pioneer

“We approached TeamworksCom with a fairly daunting task—deliver a state of the art
developer site for our launch in a very compressed timeframe with very specific branding,
functionality and integration requirements. They came up to speed quickly, helped to refine
our messaging, hit milestones like clockwork, contributed valuable technical insights, and
deployed the site in time for our launch.

Post launch developer reaction and industry feedback has been extremely positive. We can
nowlook forward to supporting our developer community knowing that we have a solid,
flexible platform.”

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