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Mozilla | Firefox

Browser mess? Time for Tab Candy.

Our reliance on the browser is unchallenged as the window to content on the Internet. And the geniuses at Mozilla are developing a cool new way to organize the growing number of Tabs that everyone uses in their Firefox browser. (more…) Related Tags:

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FORBES recognizes Vextec

Innovation recognized on the road to success.

Over the past 2 decades at Teamworks Communications, Inc, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many emerging companies that have launched truly disruptive solutions which change the status quo and challenge long standing conventions. Recently, we have been fortunate to assist a company that fits this profile to a tee. (more…) Related Tags:

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Brand impression or gimmic?

Fostering disability or reaching a target?

Award-winning industrial designer, Charlie Patterson, recently shared his personal observation that large portions of the population are now walking around, texting or looking down at their cell phone. As a result, this group is oblivious to what’s going on around them and they’re bumping into the unexpected.  (more…) Related Tags:

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Google WAVE

Outside! New wave rolling in.

As the velocity of change continues to accelerate, Google has provided us with a small glimpse into the future of communications, collaboration and connections with their recent announcement of WAVE. When this technology deploys, it has the potential to have significant implications on the way we work and how work gets done—everywhere. It’s also going […]

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