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Saba Case Study pruneau | Teamworks CommunicationsSituation

Saba, a leading provider of an enterprise e-learning platform, was developing and refining an integrated software and services offering to be named the “Saba People Cloud”. 
This solution was designed to address many of the persistent and often disconnected silos that comprise the portfolio of responsibilities assigned to today’s enterprise HR management. Built from the ground up on a common people profile and data structure, Saba’s technology enabled enterprise-wide e-learning, talent management, enhanced collaboration and social networking capabilities in specialized components that made up their new cloud-delivered, SaaS solution.

The market need for organizations to develop workforce management strategies that unify their people, systems and data to drive business performance, increase employee productivity and equip people with the skills to be successful in today’s rapidly changing work environment has never been greater. Working with our strategic partner in this engagement, TenThousandFeet, principal Frank Priscaro positioned the Saba People Cloud as a catalyst that enabled workplace transformation for organizations that believe there is nothing more valuable to their success than the people they educate, engage and inspire.


  • Introduce Saba People Cloud and change the market’s perception of Saba from a proven e-learning and LMS provider to a “cloud” provider of an integrated people management platform for the enterprise.
  • Differentiate Saba from other talent management or enterprise learning software solutions
  • Enhance sales efforts and evaluation of Saba’s solution by HR prospects.
  • Provide a robust online information resource for prospect education and support lead generation efforts.
  • Design and develop a new international web site for deployment on a content management system for frequent and easy updating.
  • Develop an integrated communications campaign designed to introduce Saba’s solution and new market positioning to their worldwide direct sales team and channel partners.
  • Simplify and unify the campaign across multiple communications vehicles for the brand relaunch.


  • The new positioning provided a clear messaging roadmap for ongoing content creation and communications efforts.
  • The integrated communications campaign differentiated Saba from their many competitors
  • The new tag line became a rallying expression for Saba employees and their sales force.
  • The international web site was localized in multiple languages and integrated rich, multi-media and social media content for ongoing prospect and customer education.
“Paul and his team offer both outstanding strategic counsel and
breakthrough creative work. Especially for established companies like
us that provide sophisticated technology solutions to the enterprise.
They are particularly effective at defining and shaping a unified brand
positioning and translating high-level benefit messages into online
solutions and integrated communications campaigns. The results of
their efforts clarified our complex offering and provided a foundation
for presenting our brand and our benefits to a very discerning target.”

Karen Steele | Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing

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