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CorStone | Case Study


CorStone, a recognized provider of specialized support services for individuals and groups facing life crisis and conflict, was seeking to refocus their service offering, develop a new brand identity and communicate their unique value to new and existing audiences.
CorStone was in the middle of a service offering transformation to deliver more effective, leveraged solutions with higher impact at lower cost for helping individuals and groups foster emotional resilience to address life crisis and conflict.

These new services were designed to meet the growing needs for crisis support services around the world with proven tools, techniques and tactics that had been successfully delivered for over 20 years.


Old CorStone logo
Old Identity


  • Define and develop a brand positioning, organization identity and integrated communications campaign to reflect the new strategic directional change
  • Integrate the new positioning and messaging throughout internal and external facing communications
  • Enhance opportunity for prospects to find CorStone's value through online search and SEO
  • Provide ability to capture leads & subscribe to new site content
  • Incorporate interactive blog for brand awareness, establishing thought leadership, building community, engaging in social sharing and driving site traffic
  • Integrate a content management system (CMS) to provide easy creation and editing of page or blog content
  • Provide integrated analytics tool for site traffic, visitor profile & content reporting
  • Develop and deploy a targeted outreach campaign and new public identity to help CorStone secure more large scale engagements and increase donor contributions


  • Site traffic and online lead nurturing for new business has improved 3-5X
  • New messaging, new brand identity and integrated campaign of of targeted marketing communications supported donor, customer, and outreach efforts
  • The visibility and targeted outreach program enhanced consideration of CorStone’s services over other non-profit providers
  • Delivery of services increased and global engagements became the focus of CorStone's activities
  • CMS and robust site structure has enabled easy additions of new content, team members and partners


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“When we initiated a strategic change process to reposition our non-profit organization to better meet the growing needs of our customers, partners and donors, we faced significant challenges in communicating our value to these audiences. TeamworksCom was instrumental in helping us articulate the value that we offer. They were also incredibly adept in translating this value into a comprehensive brand identity, website and and integrated marketing communications campaign that took us from confused and unfocused to clear and compelling.”

Steve Leventhal | Executive Director

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