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“Branding isn’t a clever little ploy, the same profile pic everywhere, a catch phrase, or a theme song. It’s the whole promise, storyline and presentation package.”

Chris Brogan | Human Business Works

Integrated Online Marketing

Integrated Online Marketing Services | TeamworksCom

Environmental impact.

Integrated marketing used to be fairly simple. Today, it’s much more complicated.

If you're still utilizing traditional media vehicles (and why not if that’s how your target consumes content), they need to have the message and brand consistency that’s always been required.

But they also must now seamlessly integrate with your website, blog, SEO, point-of-sale materials, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, keywords, PR, customer service, internal communications and more.

It’s overwhelming how many marketing channels are available, yet necessary, for connecting with new prospects and existing customers to further relationships and increase and organization’s value—and revenue.

“Define your brand positioning and customer value before you spend a dime on marketing.”


Brand Story

Brand Story + Positioning Services | TeamworksCom

Imperative to define your value.

A brand positioning should provide a clear understanding of what you stand for, how you’re different, and why prospects should consider what you offer over others.

If prospects don’t understand what you offer, they won’t convert. More importantly, if you don’t know what your brand promise is, neither will anyone else.

Our structured brand positioning process and services will document and define:

a relevant and compelling summary of the value you offer
a simple articulation of the primary reason a prospect should consider your product or service
an authentic message grounded in a specific target benefit that can be “owned” in the marketplace
a foundation for all marketing communications and messaging—online, traditional, & social

“Companies that create, optimize and promote their blog get 55% more site traffic and 70% more leads”


Website Design+Development


Leave these essentials out at your risk.

Today’s fast changing environment brings new requirements and strategic considerations to a website that may have changed dramatically from your last encounter with digital marketing. Before you invest in a new website or a redo, there are a few essential components worth consideration.

Almost without exception, a modern website designed to add add both perceived and monetary value to a business should integrate these components:

a robust Content Management System (CMS)
a blog
social media channels
search engine optimization
responsive delivery to mobile devices

Recent research shows that +40% of people online are looking at content on a mobile device. So if you’re not planning to build your website to present your value to these people in a way that’s optimized for their hand held device, consider that visitors expect a great web experience no matter what device they use.