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Ultimate Fitness | Case Study


Competition in the health and fitness provider market has become fierce as more than 78 million aging baby boomers try to stay fit or feel healthier. Today, this $14.1 billion industry serves over 40 million people through health club memberships in the US. Recent research suggests that as this market segment continues to mature, those in it will be looking for more effective ways to maintain and improve their health.

Diet and exercise are the recognized methods to achieve this objective with proper training and guidance at a well equipped fitness center with qualified trainers. As demand grows, many communities have witnessed a surge in look-and-sound-a-like fitness franchises. These cookie-cutter resources and their similarities make it difficult for most people to differentiate one provider from another.

Ultimate Fitness, located in Mill Valley, California, offers custom workout programs for people of all ages. They provide one-on-one training with a certified instructor using specially-designed equipment in an appointment-only personal fitness studio. For over 8 years, they’ve specialized in delivering “slow-protocol” strength and flexibility training programs that require just 20 minutes, twice a week.

With the Slow-Motion Strength Training method, the primary emphasis is on building strength quickly by exercising slowly, while minimizing the effects of momentum and gravity. The result provides more strength development in a shorter period of time with greater safety and much better efficiency.

The recent economic environment has added pressure to acquire new customers and grow revenue at Ultimate Fitness as cost-conscious consumers today look for resources and services that can add value and deliver more for less.


Old Ultimate Fitness Logo Old Identity


  • Define and create a brand position that effectively communicates UFit’s unique value
  • Differentiate UFit from their competitors with a focus on customer benefits
  • Create a distinctive voice and unique brand personality that is intelligent, thoughtful, disarming and fun
  • Present a more professional, polished brand image in all media to reflect the premium price of their service
  • Improve brand and message consistency
  • Support new prospect recruitment efforts and sustain relationships with existing customers
  • Build and foster an online community by leveraging blogging, social media and Web technology
  • Provide a self-service mechanism for updating content and services as needs and market requirements change


  • TeamworksCom created a custom tool-kit of specially constructed communication components
  • A visual and verbal vocabulary for identifying and differentiating UFit when used across different media
  • An integrated marketing program that included a web site, blog, social media, advertising, collateral, facilities signage, promotion, email outreach and direct mail


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“The comprehensive program that TeamworksCom planned, developed and produced for us has completely transformed our business. Our branding, messaging and visible market presence now support our core mission of helping our customers maintain a healthy, strong body as the essential vehicle for a successful life. What’s more, our prospect inquiries are up, more customers are joining us, our image in the community is polished and our members are energized by the changes we’ve made to our facility, our brand and our message!”

Sara Ellis | Founder Ultimate Fitness

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