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Klutz Chicken Socks | Case Study


In the face of rising competition and a sales volume plateau, Klutz (a division of Scholastic, Inc.), the pioneer and leading publisher of children’s activity books had to redefine and defend their unique market position—in spite over 25 years of success.

The distinctive and engaging books published by Klutz were frequently considered and purchased by customers when child development, learning and “hands-on” activities were primary considerations for promoting individualism and creativity. To address the market challenge and expand revenue opportunities for their retail channel, Klutz was introducing a new product line, Chicken Socks, designed to meet the special learning needs and developing skills of young children (age 4-8).
The new activity books incorporated high quality content, unique illustration and integrated 3-D activity components that Klutz was known for. More importantly, the new product line was to be launched prior to the critical holiday ordering season.

Our challenge was to introduce the new Chicken Socks activity books to both retail channel partners as well as parents and child care-giver prospects.

Our messaging would highlight how this new product line addresses the specialized needs of early age children. And to create market acceptance and momentum with prospects and the distribution channel, all marketing communications would drive inquiry and ordering through Klutz sales force and their customer-facing web site.


Chicken Socks Activity Book
New Activity Books


  • Educate book retailer management about the specific features and benefits of the Chicken Socks product line
  • Promote the opportunity for increased revenue and expanded relationships with new and existing customers
  • Reinforce the core qualities that differentiate Klutz “activity books” from competitors
  • Develop a disarming, spontaneous and slightly irreverent brand position and character
  • Consistently present the brand throughout an integrated campaign for both the retail channel and consumer prospects


  • First year sales exceeded projections by 35%
  • Over 2 million titles have shipped and the product line has consistently expanded for over 2 years
  • New mass merchant retailers were added to the channel including Target
  • The success of the launch increased interest in the brand and raised order frequency and volume with retailers


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“The best part of working with Paul and TeamworksCom is they are a great strategic partner. They immerse themselves in our market environment, our challenges and our positioning and always keep us focused on the big picture. The worst part of working with them is that they consistently translate their strategic insights into wonderful communications solutions that make it difficult for us to select the best one out of a group of great ones. It’s a refreshing change from other resources we’ve worked with.”

Kathleen Watson | Marketing Vice-President

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