How to change the error of your WordPress ways.

Escape your WordPress Errors

It’s fair to say that WordPress has become the default development platform of choice for just about any new website or blog.

For businesses of all sizes and types, as well as for bloggers and people just wanting to have a voice on the Internet, WordPress has become the platform of choice.

When it comes to a flexible development platform or a robust Content Management System (CMS), there really is no comparison to anything else. As the most widely used CMS by web site developers with over 53% of market share, WordPress is unmatched in popularity, functionality and ease of use.

A proven platform for online success.

What’s more, the continually growing library of over 26,000 plug-ins provide the ability to customize and make functional additions to WordPress sites that are simply beyond compare. Over 100,000 sites are now being build with WordPress each and every day. And 22% of new active domains in the U.S. use WordPress as their site foundation. As a result, this market proven, and continually improving platform remains the most sought after solution for building a new web site or blog.

Yet, if you’ve developed and are running your site on WordPress, there’s a chance that you may be making a faux pas or two that could compromise your site or how would like to be perceived by others online.

Put your best foot forward online.

In order to put your best foot forward and not look like a dork using this great platform, take a look at this infographic that Jerod Morris put together. It may uncover a few of the errors of your ways and provide some important fixes to your WordPress site.

Change your WordPress errors

What about you?

Have you stumbled in launching your WordPress site? Where did you goof up and look like a dork? Share your mistake and how you recovered.

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