Dandelion Studios turn to TeamworksCom to launch their new site.

Dandelion prepares for lauch

Dandelion prepares for launch with TeamworksCom

Dandelion Studios, a Colorado based specialty gift manufacturer, is planning to launch a line of new gift products designed to make the default gift for an occasion—a bottle of wine—a lot more creative and a lot less boring.

These new gift products will be featured in a new web site to address Dandelion’s research into what their prospects are searching for when they want to give a unique, memorable and affordable gift.

When it come to a dinner party, a house warming, a birthday and other festive occasions, price, convenience and memorability are important for gift givers. But so is having fun.

Charlie Patterson, Creative Director at Dandelion Studios added: “People are bored with the same old options for gift giving. We plan on making the experience for both the giver and the gift recipient a lot more fun and unique.”

In addition to developing and producing the web site, TeamworksCom will be helping Dandelion with branding, web site content and messaging.

Paul Pruneau, of Teamworks Communications, Inc., had this to say about the new branding and web site development effort: “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a unique and creative resource like Dandelion Studios. The gift products they make are original, authentic and unlike anything else we have seen. We look forward to helping them with lead generation, branding and messaging in their new web site.”

Check back to learn more once we launch the new Dandelion gift products and site.

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