Searching for value in impressive numbers.

Social Media by the numbers

This recently released video documents the dramatic growth and influence of Social Media on the marketing landscape.

Like the others before it in the series, this video delivers some impressive numbers and continues to register the point that Social Media is not something to be casually dismissed by marketers. Especially if you want to influence and foster a community of followers or fans that will help you succeed.

Yet, at this stage of the game, the numbers seem to be less impressive in spite of all the great animation effects and transitions in this video. Today, people in business have had some time to witness and participate in this communications transformation, and they want to know, more than ever, how social media translates to business value?

Unfortunately, this video fails to deliver that answer.
But it does help to create a more clear view of a point in time. And as we all know, things don’t stand still and market forces will tell another story in just a few short weeks.

Take a look and share your thoughts on what the rise of social media means to your business.

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