Message control: you or the customer?

Control of the message now belongs to the customerHas social media become important to companies?

One way to answer this timely question is that 71% of companies now using social media plan to increase their investment by and average of 40%. What’s more, the investments companies are making in social media are yielding higher ROI than traditional channels in these challenging economic times.

The old media paradigm of PAY TO PLAY was purchase a dedicated, targeted, media channel that delivered a finite universe of suspects and prospects that would be receptive of your message. Now, in the environment where you are the media distribution channel with social networks, you get back what you put in by actively participating in the conversation with your customers.

And as this video|presentation points out, the person now controlling the message in your company is not the social media director. It’s the customer.

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  • Once you understand this shift, that it’s more likely your customer who controls your message, then social media marketing makes more sense. If I’m on Facebook and I say my services are great, that holds almost no weight. If my customer is on Facebook and says my services are great, people give their comment far more weight.

  • Well said. In this environment where the landscape is shifting like never before, the role of the customer has significantly increased in every marketing activity.