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FORBES recognizes Vextec

Forbe’s scores VEXTEC as most promising.

Over the past 2 decades at Teamworks Communications, Inc, we’ve had the opportunity to work with many emerging companies that have launched truly disruptive solutions which change the status quo and challenge long standing conventions.

Recently, we have been fortunate to assist a company that fits this profile to a tee.

VEXTEC, founded in 2000 and based in Brentwood Tennessee, offers a revolutionary solution that will have profound financial implications for every aspect of a manufacturing business from product design to warranty, and everything in between.

VEXTEC’s patented Virtual Life Management software predicts with scary accuracy how and when products will fail—even before they’re made. By understanding how materials behave at the microstructural level and marrying metallurgy with math, VEXTEC can simulate the life expectancy of any part in a complex product system. Put enough of those parts together and an organization can gain valuable insights on the life of a part, an engine, a vehicle, or event an entire product fleet.

FORBES recognizes Vextec

FORBES recognizes Vextec

Recognizing that VEXTEC has unleashed a truly game changing solution that eliminates the high cost and questionable results of traditional physical testing of parts, Forbes recognized VEXTEC in their recent report on America’s Most Promising Companies. This significant honor raises VEXTEC’s visibility and will help them continue their consistent growth and customer adoption in the government, manufacturing and medical markets they serve.

We look forward to helping them continue to broaden their awareness and educate prospects about their breakthrough solution with targeted marketing communications that create value and enhance consideration of their brand.

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