Delivering the rewards of being a Centro owner.

Palm Centro Promotional eMail Campaign

Palm, a leading provider of smart phones and PDA’s, needed to reach out to new owners of their popular Centro product and reward these customers with special savings on accessories and new applications.

Palm also wanted to provide additional information and tips for new Centro users to become as comfortable and productive as possible when they turn to their Centro to make a call, get email, surf the web or use one of the many apps that were continually expanding the capabilities of the device.

Palm_Centro_Emails_WP copyTo support these objectives, we worked with our developer partner, Thought Matrix, on a fast track schedule to create, develop and deploy a targeted email campaign that delivered these benefits in a convenient and familiar medium.

The result of this focused effort helped lift sales of accessories for Palm and raised awareness of the many applications and peripherials available for this device. Positive customer feedback also provided support to expand Palm’s investment in similar promotional email campaigns.

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