Diving in to self-publishing & content creation.

Diving into self publishing & content creationWelcome to my first blog post.

As I make the plunge into the unknown, my only guiding thoughts are that this blog is intended to reflect how easy it has become to create, deploy and manage original content on the web today.

We have evolved to the point where we are now all “presenters” on the world wide stage of the internet. Some may look at this site as frivolous and unnecessary. However, I think it is very important to examine and explore the scope and capabilities of the tools that are available to anyone interested in learning the value of this new medium and how to benefit from it.

I plan on adding as much value as I can to this effort and sharing my thoughts, points of view and content that I find interesting. And I look forward to your contribution to ensure that I stay on course and create content that is relevant and useful. Hope to meet you in the pond!

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