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Prepared to become a content factory?

Creating value with social media “snake oil”.

Seeing what’s missing. Business Week recently published a rather skeptical report on the current state of social media. And the take away from this report is that the rapidly evolving social media trend has become the wild west of marketing, rife with “experts” selling the equivalent of “snake oil” that delivers little business value. (more…)

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Google WAVE

Outside! New wave rolling in.

As the velocity of change continues to accelerate, Google has provided us with a small glimpse into the future of communications, collaboration and connections with their recent announcement of WAVE. When this technology deploys, it has the potential to have significant implications on the way we work and how work gets done—everywhere. It’s also going […]

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What happened to win/win?

Recession Fatality: win/win

To say that the communications business is undergoing significant change would be a large understatement. But what’s even more unsettling is that the current status of our economy is adding more flammable fuel to an already contentious environment. The result is challenging traditional relationships like never before and, in more than a few instances, breeding ill […]

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Why bailout AIG?

Reaction to policy

Enough! The time has come to stop the nonsense. I find it simply intolerable to continue to be an unvocal participant watching the current course of action regarding AIG. This hedge fund, masquerading as an insurance company, is now under the majority ownership of the US government. And because our elected representatives decided to make […]

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