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About TeamworksCom

TeamworksCom Marketing Services

We develop brand strategy,
engineer content to express
customer value, and create
integrated online and
content marketing solutions
to help businesses succeed.

Where we’re coming from.

Since 1995, we’ve been defining, developing and delivering integrated online marketing communications
that express customer value, build brands and foster engaging relationships.

TeamworksCom has engaged in successful relationships with many well know brands including Google,
Wells Fargo, Apple, Informatica, Autodesk, Mercury Interactive, Verifone, HP, MasterCard, Carestream,
Klutz Books and many, many more.

We’ve spent decades in the trenches in digital and online marketing communications organizations.
Our experience includes, corporate communications departments, advertising agencies, start-ups and
marketing firms. Along the journey, we’ve gained deep experience and understanding of technology
and how it can help businesses achieve their goals.

The result is hands-on, first person experience with methods and processes that:

  • Define a clear marketing strategy and brand positioning
  • Develop, create, produce and integrate the words, images, and technology to execute the strategy
  • Deliver measurable results

Our experience didn’t come easy and there are lots of scars and successes that have been part of the journey.
You get the benefit of avoiding the potholes that we’ve been stuck in before.

Is this you?

We want to work with organizations and businesses that are inspired, passionate, courteous and fun to
work with.

We use a roll-up-the-shirt-sleeves approach and would rather talk straight than play politics. And because
we value authenticity and practicality, we’re interested in doing the best job we can and being rewarded for
our efforts and our results.

Your turn.

Are you ready to get serious with online marketing to succeed?
If so, we should talk about how to make you more successful.

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